Shitcoin Wallet Safe
& Secure Currency

ShitcoinWallet is an Ethereum wallet that lets you connect to the Ethereum blockchain.

Why Choose Us

Of course, being an Ethereum wallet means you can use it for managing, transferring, receiving your Ethers but also can use this wallet to interact with thousands of ERC20 tokens that thrive on the Ethereum blockchain.

Safe And Secure

ShitcoinWallet is an Ethereum wallet that lets you connect to the Ethereum blockchain.

Covered By Insurance

It is a web wallet which has several extensions for different browsers, which I will discuss further in the article.

Decentralized Web

ShitcoinWallet also allows you to access the world of the decentralized web by letting you use several Ethereum DApps through it.

What's special in Shitcoin Wallet

Shitcoin crypto wallet is a best choice for holders, users of Shitcoin Wallet will receive many tokens everyday by our team and our partners.
With many tokens have value in the market will be airdrop for our users, we hope our community knows more good projects as well as projects that can be introduced to more users.

How It Work

Before creating a wallet, there’re several concepts users need to know:


The wallet address is similar to a bank account. When trading, the wallet address will be used to send or receive the ETH with other traders. Through wallet address, anyone can look up the account information such as trading records or token amount. However, the wallet address doesn’t need to be bind with users’ identity, so there are no concerns for the leakage of personal information.

Private Key

The private key is similar to the personal signature but encrypted. The private key is the basis for signing transactions in Ethereum. When trading, it’s the only way to access an Ethereum account and used to confirm the trade is authorized. As the result, anyone knows your private key can access your assets so it needs to be kept carefully.

ShitcoinWallet creates your wallet on the local terminals and communicates with other blockchain networks, therefore the private key of your wallet is only stored on your local PC. Your wallet is 100% secure and you don’t need to worry about assets loss due to any hacker attack to ShitcoinWallet servers. Currently ShitcoinWallet is supported on Chrome.

Fun Fact

Shitcoin wallet is pretty good !

Install ShitcoinWallet

Chrome App

Step 1. Go to the link: Chrome Store

Step 2. Click “Add to Chrome” to install.

Step 3. Click “Add Extension” to complete the installation.

Desktop App

Step 1. Download: Window X64 Window X86

Step 2. Install "ShitcoinWallet.msi"

Step 3. Click "Shitcoin Wallet" in "Start Menu" to open.